The optometry laboratory at Sreedhareeyam has every modern diagnostic equipment that you will come across anywhere else. Using this equipment, the diseases are identified and reported in modern medicine terminologies. This enables the documentation to be easier and also it helps the patients to take the second opinion if they wish so. In the next stage, the identified disease is transformed into its Ayurvedic equivalent, by the senior doctors. The Ayurvedic treatment then begins.
Use of the modern equipment enables the doctors to verify their findings and it also takes away the need for extensive clinical experience on the part of doctors to identify diseases in the traditional methods.

Some of the equipment that you will find in this laboratory are:-
1) Non Mydratic Fundus Camera combined with Topcon Optical Coherence Tomography 3D OCT- 2000
2) Sonomed B Scan Model Master Vu with software
3) Auto Refractometer and Keratometer
4) Slit Lamps Model Supreme and Excel types
5) Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
6) Auto Perimeter
7) Lens Meter
8) Non-Contact Tonometer
9) Eugin 4000 Biochemistry Analyzer