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All Herbs, Nothing else, Nothing less!

Experience the true luxury of 100% herbal Beauty & Baby products from Farmherbs Botanicals. Centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom from the house of Sreedhareeyam and advanced research from Ayurflora ​Synergy ​Institute comes together, for a revolutionary line of true herbal products. For the first time in the world, exceptional formula artistry with 100% botanical versions of iconic beauty ingredients yields high-end results, all the while pampering you and your loved ones with ultimate safety.

Without any synthetic ingredients, Farmherbs contains only 100% herbal ingredients which are proven safe by internationally recognized databases like Ethical Working Group ( it is the perfect combination of safety, efficacy and a luxurious experience. Evolve to the future of beauty & ​baby care.

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Brand Highlights

100% Herbal

Farmherbs promises its products don’t include any kind of synthetic ingredients, all actives or waxes or surfactants, everything originated from herbs. This kind of product line is being introduced for the first time in India. – All Herbs, Nothing else, Nothing less.

Ayurvedic Mastery of Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda

Farmherbs Botanicals is a herbal beauty & baby brand from Sreedhareeyam in association with Ayurflora Synergy Institute which is the modern research arm in cosmetics.

Ayurvedic Base Formula Enhanced with Active Ingredients

All Farmherbs products have 3 components, a time-tested Ayurvedic formula, Active herbal ingredients according to modern research, and fresh flower extracts for aroma and freshness. This is called the Golden trilogy of Farmherbs formulation.

Dermatologically & Ophthalmologically Approved

Proven and certified safe in most modern 3d in-vitro tests in advanced laboratories. To safeguard the herbal goodness, we have incorporated the best herbal preservation technology.

We use only herbal ingredients, natural waxes, and natural colours, and we don’t add any preservatives. The high-technology containers, outer packing & the self-protecting formula enhances the shelf life of the product and maintains its quality & efficacy.

True Label Data

All Farmherbs products have honest & transparent labels, meaning all ingredients will be listed on the package. No hidden ingredients or preservatives are present in Farmherbs products. Clear label data is not the only juncture where you meet transparency with Farmherbs. On all our online product pages, you will find the EWG safety rating, source type and comedogenic rating for each of the ingredients.

Safest as per Modern Ingredient Dictionaries

All ingredients are validated as safe according to research databases like thus validated with continuous research updations. Every ingredient in Farmherbs products conforms to a ranking from 1 to 3 in EWG, which is the safest ever!

pH Balanced perfect Skincare

All products are clinically proven to maintain skin pH, keep a protective barrier, and help maintain the healthy acidity of the skin.