AboutAyurveda Nursing and Therapy

Ayurveda is a very interesting field of medicine and presently, it has evolved as a full-fledged system of medicine.  It is the correct choice for those who have a liking for tradition and who strongly believe that Indian Ayurveda is the best form of holistic medicine.  Ayurveda treatment is gaining importance with each passing day because more and more people are experiencing the positive effects of Ayurveda Therapies and hence the demand for treatment centres and skilled professionals are also on the rise.

India being a favoured tourist destination and otherwise also, with the increasing number of Therapy Centers; the demand for skilled and trained manpower is on the rise.  Professionals who are trained as Ayurveda Nurses or Therapists are highly in demand. The common man treats these such professionals very highly because of their empathy, overall service and dedication.  This profession in Ayurveda Nursing and Therapy is only for those who are genuinely concerned about human ailments and who have a deep desire to serve humanity.

The six-month certificate course in Ayurvedic Nursing and Therapy conducted by Sreedhareeyam Academy of Learning (SAL) is a self-financing course.  This course will equip the participant to pursue a successful career in private Ayurvedic Hospitals, Resorts and Therapy Centers.  The course content is so vast and deep that Entrepreneurial persons could even start their own therapy and massage centres, subject to fulfilment of other required conditions.

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