AyurvedaThe Science of Life

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Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity, is the oldest healthcare system in the world which is believed to be born in the land of India about 5000 years ago. It combines the profound thoughts of medicine and way of life. Today, it’s a unique, indispensable branch of medicine, a complete naturalistic system that depends on the diagnosis of your body’s humours – vata, pitta and kapha – to achieve the right balance.
Ayurveda has a health-oriented approach, while modern medicine has largely had a disease-oriented approach. Modern medicine is only now stressing to some extent the role of mind in health and disease, while in Ayurveda the basic approach incorporates body, mind and soul.

Being a holistic treatment procedure in its prima facie element, doesn’t in anyway limit Ayurveda’s potential in curative aspects. It has a well defined curative methodology in all departments of medicine and those are primarily disease oriented approaches. Curative Ayurvedic medicine comprises of treatments to cure the disease by one or combination of the following approaches:-

1) Internal measures, including Shodhana (detoxification) and shaman (pacifying therapy).

2) External measures, including snehana (oil treatments), svedana (steam therapy) and use of herbal pastes on required areas.

3) Mental and spiritual therapies or daivya chikitsa

4) Herbal therapy, including astute pharmacology

Ayurveda is not just about good physical health. The natural herbs and oils used in the therapy are of great medicinal value as is said in the Vedic literature on Ayurveda. The history of Ayurveda which can be traced back to the Vedic Ages clearly lays out instructions to maintain health as well as fighting illnesses through therapies such as herbal medicines, massages, diet control and exercise. Elimination of toxic elements from the body is the primary function of this curing remedy. The system gets purified when the poisonous elements are removed from the body. As a result, the chances of falling ill are largely zeroed down which makes one feel free of stress. It rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.  Charaka Samhitha (Treatise on Medicine), Susrutha Samhitha (Treatise on Surgery) and Ashtanga Samgraha (Treatise on the basic principles) are the three major treatises in Ayurveda. These treatises tell us that every individual has a unique constitution. Every organ or system has an energy related to it and there has to be equilibrium between them. The balance generally gets affected when we fall ill. The objective of Ayurveda is to re-establish this equilibrium in order to maintain good health. If that sounds like an all-encompassing definition, it is. Ayurvedic medicine is entirely holistic. Its adherents strive to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, maintaining that this balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life.

The Indian state of Kerala is considered the cradle of Ayurveda. Nestled in the Western Ghats, one of the bio-diversity hotspots in the world, this green paradise is home to many medicinal herbs that are endemic to the region. It isn’t a surprise that Ayurveda flourished here. Often called the “God’s own Country” for its lush green scenic landscapes and crystal clear beaches that will leave you awestruck, Kerala is blessed with natural beauty and ecological diversity. Kerala has a lot to offer to tourists and travellers in the form of pristine Ayurveda also. The most rigorous research and practice takes place in Ayurveda houses spread across the state.

Life in the modern world is hectic and stressful. Food habits, long hours at work, lack of exercise, opulent lifestyles all lead to a loss of balance in human life. They lead to stress and finally make people ill. Ayurveda addresses the underlying cause of the imbalance, and helps the person attain a lasting cure. Ayurveda’s approach to the treatment of diseases is mainly holistic. It emphasises the harmony of humans with nature. We welcome you to the world of Ayurveda. A world where the mind, body and the soul are at peace.