A traditional way of treatment

Sreedhareeyam also offers traditional Ayurvedic treatment like Pizhichil, Dhara, Njavarakizhi, Steam Kizhi etc. They are administrated scientifically by qualified doctors and trained personnel. Other Ayurvedic procedures like Nasyam, Swedam, Dhara, Tharpanam etc. are also offered.

The expertise and knowledge of Dr. N. P P. Namboothiri and his committed team of doctors, nurses and staff have been greatly successful in treating many highly complicated diseases. To hundreds of patients who had undergone long periods of painful treatment in other disciplines of medicine, the treatment of their disease and recovery of eyesight at Sreedhareeyam has been a miracle. Sreedhareeyam today is a ray of hope for many who seek cure for their eye ailments. The hospital has a glorious history of success that speaks of the miraculous recovery of thousands from various diseases. Sreedhareeyam hopes to serve humanity further and better in the years to come.

Moulding brilliant minds

In order to meet high standards in human resources, Sreedhareeyam has a training institute where young are trained in Ayurvedic tradition of Sreedhareeyam. Sreedhareeyam has started a Government recognized Nursing School from April 2006. Fully equipped medicine manufacturing unit All medicines required for the treatment are prepared in Sreedhareeyam's own manufacturing unit. Medicines are tested at their own GMP certified lab before bottling and dispatching to the hospital pharmacy.

Farm and herbarium

All the raw materials like dairy products, herbs and plants required for the preparation of medicines are obtained from the dairy and organic farm that Sreedhareeyam maintains.

Research centre

The research centre at Sreedhareeyam has a sophisticated lab facility. Here, trained and well qualified personnel are involved in recreating ancient medicinal methods and creating new formulations.

Library and knowledge centre

Sreedhareeyam has a large collection of ancient manuscripts of medicinal preparations and treatment methods on Ayurveda in the library. These ancient palm leaves with inscriptions in old Malayalam and Tamil were handed down by the ancestors of the family. And efforts are underway to digitally preserve them.

Strategic Vision

Apart from eye care and treatment that Sreedhareeyam provides, the hospital is keen on the following goals:

  • Research and development in the field of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology.
  • Imparting training for future Ayurvedic practitioners.
  • Philanthropic activities with the goal of vision for the vision less.

Sunetra- the eye protector

Sunetra literally means "good vision". If you take good care of your eyes, you can avoid treatments. This, in minuscule, is the mission behind Project Sunetra.

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