I would like to thank all Doctors and sisters (Nurses) of Sreedhareeyam Eye Research Foundation for their wonderful and dedicated selfless service to bring back the vision of thousands who lost their vision. When I heard through someone about Sreedhareeyam for the first time during the initial stages of my problem with diabetic retinopathy, I totally ignored this organization as I thought that it is not possible to cure this problem with Ayurvedic treatment.

I met Dr Narayanan Namboothiri in Chennai and he asked me to come to Kerala immediately. I went there with my parents and amazed to see the hospital, their hospitality and their service. When I was discharged after a month, I returned with full confidence as I could see the world clearly through my eyes.

E. Jayaganapathy

I heard about the credible achievements of Sreedhareeyam, through an acquaintance of mine, which made me enquire more into it. Several bunch of stories started soothing my ears and so I decided to eye on Ayurveda. After 21 days of punctual and correct treatment and diet regimen, I was discharged.

Just as Doctor said, 4 or 5 days after returning home, I started feeling the miraculous change. My complete opaque right eye was regaining vision. I now can distinguish objects at an arm length. 20 to 25% of my vision is back. I`m wonder struck at the potentialities of Ayurveda and I`m happy that it is safe within the hands of the eminent Doctors of Sreedhareeyam.

T.G Rajagopal, Manager GHT

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