Statistics says that daily 10000cases of eye disorders are being reported in India. The modern generation suffer a lot of health issues owing to the climate variations, eco pollution, global warming etc. If observed one can understand that these changes have mostly affected eyes. People who don't depend on lens or specs for eyesight are rare. Cataract operation has become quite common. All though things have taken its toll, common men are still unaware of the importance of eye care.

Though the statistics scare us, the fact that Ayurveda has solutions to almost all eye ailments is a highly consoling fact. Even complicated diseases relatd to retina and eye nerves can be cured through Ayurveda. Such commonly founded diseases are described below. Sreedhareeyam has effective cure to all these diseases.

This is usually found among diabetic patients sooner or later they got affected by diabetics. It affects both eyes. If not cured in the time the blood circulation from nerves and arteries to cornea decreases thereby causing complete blindness. Ayurveda had found solution to this centuries ago.

The associated cells of retina degenerates causing further degeneration of retina from the upper region towards the inner cells. Eyesight decreases as the degeneration spreads around retina. The primary symptom of this disease is night blindness. Hereditary factors too play a key role in this disease.Children born to blood related parents are often affected with this disorder.

It's a disease that affects the centre of retina. This is a rare disease and the cause is yet unidentified.

The optic nerves rupture as the pressure inside eye increases.It can be due to several reasons.The patient might not be showing any particular symptom.

The symptoms include reduced eye sight at initial stages, pain, seeing, light rays when looked at lamps etc.If these symptoms occur one must consult an eye specialist as it might lead to Acute Conjuctive Glaucoma. Severe head ache and eyepain can be experienced in this state. Eyesight will be highly affected. Iris will be spotting bluish red tinge around it and feeling of tightness of eyes canbe experienced.If the symptoms persist eye sight will be totally damaged.

This eye disorder doesn't cause much pain. The affected person might change his spectacles accordingly as his eyesight diminishes, not knowing the actual reason behind the loss of eyesight. At the final stage eyesight will be diminished to a point where the patient can see things as if through a pipe hole. If examined with an ophthamolscope the optic disk of eye ball can be having a tightened feeling. Timely operation can control the disease from increasing.

This is a disease found among people above 60 years old. It is a situation of troubled eyesight due to miniscule growths in the cornea. This disease is seen among youth too now a days due to lack of nutritious food.

The origin of the disease is from thyroid. It can be caused either by a defected retina or by an injured eye. The blood vessels in the detached retina will be comparatively small and black in colour. The separation can be partial or whole.The partial separation will gradually lead to a totally separated condition.

The transparent lining that covers the inner surface of eye lid and the white part of eyeball (Sclera) is known as conjuctiva. The inflammation of this thin lining is known as conjunctivitis. This disease is caused due to dust particles in the atmosphere and files. It mostly occurs during summer season. The eye will be spotting a deep red colour but the area around cornea will be having less red colour. The affected patient will have trouble opening their eyes in the morning because of the dried mucus on their eye lids. Antibiotic ointments should be applied several times a day after washing eye. If ointments are used generously during night the sticking together of eyelids can be avoided in the morning.The redness of eye may not be always due to conjunctivitis. It can also be caused due to defects within eyes such as Iritis, Glaucoma etc. But in these cases the redness around cornea will be prominent. Apart from that the redness will have a pinkish blue tinge to it.

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