General Treatments


Kaya Chikitsa – General Treatments

Apart from the diseases of the eye, Sreedhareeyam has a separate division; called Soubhadram which handles all the ailments pertaining to skin, arthritis, muscle injuries, age-related ailments and all other imaginable ailments. We treat about 1200 cases of general diseases.
Some of these diseases are

  • Arthritis

                  Arthritis, in a broader sense, is used to refer any Joint disorder; which may be autoimmune or degenerative diseases. There are almost 100 types of arthritis, among which Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing spondylitis, Gout, Lumps, Septic arthritis are spread widely. Any arthritis affects the joints (either small or big) with severe pain, inflammation, reddishness and stiffness. In some cases, arthritis may be associated with other diseases like Psoriasis, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, Inflammatory bowel disease,, etc. apart from joint pain, stiffness and swelling at joints, other symptomatic changes include difficulty to walk and take-up physical work, morning stiffness, fatigue, sleep disorders, tenderness, weight loss, muscular pains, etc. All these are because of the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, which should be driven out. Ayurveda, not only brings change in pain and stiffness, also improves and strengthens the joints for a painless living.

  • Other Musculoskeletal Disorders

                      MSDs are the hurts or injuries caused to muscles, bones, ligaments or joints of the human body. They may be because of the accidents, sudden lifting of objects, vibrations, bad postures, trauma, etc. the effects may be on any part of the body. Psychological factors, occupation, work environment also aggravates the symptoms of MSDs. Ayurveda helps to improve the strength of the muscles of the body and regulates its metabolism.

  • Diabetes Mellitus

                      DM is a chronic metabolic disorder, where our own body fails to utilize the energy found in the food, that we consume, which leads to the imbalanced levels of insulin. If the condition does not care and treated properly, it may affect vital organs like kidney, eyes, heart, nervous system (causing Diabetic Neuropathy), etc. This simple disease may create a huge loss to the physical and psychological health of an individual. Because of the lifestyle disorders, DM has become very common nowadays. Ayurveda can balance glucose levels by regulating insulin so that further complications can be avoided.

  • Diabetes Neuropathy

  • Skin Disorders

                     Skin, the largest organ of our human body is highly prone to a number of diseases as it is directly exposed to sunlight, dust, toxic substances around us, environmental and climatic changes, auto-immune disorders, physiological disorders, infections, etc. as it is even a beauty and self-confidence factor, any ailment to skin will have a direct impact on our psychological wellness. Nowadays, the pervasiveness has increased because of the lifestyle changes and threatening effects of climate changes across the globe. Common skin diseases are Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne, Infections, Fungal infections, Ringworm, Rashes, Allergy, Scaling, Eczema, Warts, Impetigo, Vitiligo, etc. Ayurveda focuses on detoxification and nourishment therapies in its unique protocols for an individual’s betterment.

  • Varicose veins

                 The enlarged and twisted veins usually in legs (may be in other parts also) are termed as Varicose Veins. The development of varicose veins especially in legs, affect the blood flow to the heart. The major symptoms are a pain in legs, heaviness, ankle swelling, skin discolouration near veins, the presence of spider veins, sudden leg cramps,  dryness and itching of skin near a vein, difficulty in standing and walking, etc. Ayurveda helps to suppress the symptoms and hence prevents further life-threatening complications.

  • Gynaecological Disorders

                    The female reproductive system is highly sensitive and a complex mechanism. Its health helps to maintain the overall health of a woman. Very common problems that prevail in different age groups are Menstrual disorders, PCOD, PCOS, endometriosis, pelvic pain, Uterine, Fibroids, Abnormal hair distribution, Acne, Vaginal infections, Vaginal skin disorders, Infertility and  Contraception, Pre and Post Menopause problems, Hormone imbalances, post-pregnancy complications, gynaecological cancers, etc. Ayurveda treatment provides safe and assured remedies without significant side effects.

  • Mental Illnesses

                    It is a clinical condition that affects an individual’s mood, thinking, perception and behaviour. Usually, they are recurrent, persistent and remitting idiopathic disorders. This happens as a result of Neurochemical imbalance that takes place within the body. Sometimes, social factors, religion, community, surroundings also play a major role, contributing to the illness. Some of the common psychological disorders are anxiety, depression, insomnia, neurodevelopmental disorders, mania, agitation, paranoia, dementia, schizophrenia, phobias, mood swings, delusional disorder, mal-adoption, eating disorders, sexual disorders, substance use disorders (drugs, alcohol, etc), autism, developmental disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorders, etc. Ayurveda has appreciative results over the years in handling the mental illness both in clinical and counselling methods. Also, it opens a door to implement smoothening and relaxation therapies, Yoga, Pranayama, etc.

  • Dementia

                      It is a multi-disciplinary syndrome that affects the memory and other essential thinking and analytical skills. It may even lead to Alzheimer’s disease. It may be one of the side effects of Stroke. Sometimes, untreated thyroid and vitamin deficiency may also lead to Dementia. Some of the common symptoms are memory loss, confused communication and language, improper understanding and judgment, unfocused visual perception, etc. The support and care through Ayurveda can make the person normal by retrieving all his skills back. Also, it helps to prevent recurrence of the disease.

  • etc

The treatment includes Panchakarma and External therapies rooted in Ayurveda. Modern measures such as Physiotherapy are also used to further the improvement in patients wherever necessary. Yoga and some Naturopathy procedures are also done if found necessary, under the supervision of a qualified Yoga and Naturopathy Physician.

Main Therapies

Abhyanga is an individually prepared herbal-oil massage designed to deeply penetrate the skin, relax the mind-body, break up impurities, and stimulate both arterial and lymphatic circulation. It enhances the ability of nutrients to reach starved cells and allows for the removal of stagnant waste. The desired result is a heightened state of awareness that will direct the internal healing system of the body.

Shirodhara is administered by gently and methodically pouring warm herbalized oil over the forehead, synchronizing brain waves and profoundly coordinating and calming the mind, body, and spirit.

Garshana treatments consist of a dry lymphatic skin brushing with either wool or a silk glove. This enhances circulation and cleans the skin so that subsequent oil and herbal treatments can penetrate deeply into freshly cleansed pores of the skin.

Swedana is an individually herbalized steam bath, during which the head and the heart are kept cool while the body is heated to remove mental, emotional and physical toxins lodged deeply within the tissues. The cool head and heart provide a sense of calm and openness while the therapeutic steam over the entire body can penetrate and cleanse deeply, without the body becoming overheated and stressed.

Pizichili is a continuous stream of warm herbalized oil soothingly poured over the body by two Ayurvedic therapists as they massage the body in perfect unison. The warmth of the oil and synchronicity of the massage combine for a deep tissue cleansing while supporting a heightened state of awareness that transcends description.

Udvartana is a deeply penetrating herbal paste lymphatic massage. This powerful exfoliating treatment magically Restore Your Natural Radiance conditions the skin while pressing stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body.

Five Senses Therapy treatment combines the therapeutic effect of all five senses working in concert. Sound therapies are specific Vedic hymns and mantras recommended for each imbalance. Touch therapy enlivens specific vital points on the body called marma points. Taste therapy uses certain herbal medicines. Sight uses Ayurvedic color therapy, and smell is accessed with combinations of rare aromatics. The effect is a harmonizing of all the senses to bring one’s awareness to the source of thought and feeling within the heart.

Basti is a herbal enema specially prepared to pull toxins out of the colon. This is the final stage of each daily Panchakarma treatment. The freshly loosened impurities from each day of treatment are flushed out of the body via the effects of the basti. The basti also transports Ayurvedic medicines into the blood and tissues in order to transform the memory of damaged and toxic cells. It is considered one of the most important and most powerful aspects of the Panchakarma treatment.

Nasya consists of individually prescribed herbs and oil drops, inhaled through the nose, which clear the sinuses of excessive mucus. It is also an important therapy when medicating the central nervous system. This treatment combats the deep dryness that exists at the root of many respiratory and allergic conditions.