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Largest Ayurvedic Eye Hospital in India

Sreedhareeyam is today the largest Ayurvedic eye hospital in India. Its 48-acre campus today houses an Ayurvedic eye hospital accommodating 300 patients, an Ayurvedic Research Centre, a GMP certified Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing plant, an Ayur Village, an Ayurvedic paramedical college, and herbal farms. A team of 54 doctors, 75 treatment staff, and over 120 supporting staff take care of the patients at Sreedhareeyam. The group has 23 branches all across India and OP sessions are conducted every day at all these branches. All Ayurveda treatments typically start from the gut, as the root cause of most diseases is inappropriate food which in turn ruins the digestion process and the entire body elements. A typical Ayurveda treatment goes through several steps like Deepana (the drug that which does not digest Ama, but increase the Agni (digestive fire), is called Deepana), Pachana (the herb that digests the Ama, but does not in any way directly stimulates digestive fire / enzymes is called Pachana), Shamana (herb that does not expel Doshas out of the body and does not increase the balanced Doshas, but calms or pacifies the aggravated / increased Doshas is called as Shamana) etc.. Consulting the doctor at an OP session and letting him decide on the steps to be taken to detoxify the body and also prepare the body for treatments is an integral part of Ayurveda.
Our panel of doctors include eyecare specialists and other ayurveda branches specialists. All of these doctors conduct OP sessions and also monitor the treatments to be conducted to eliminate the health problem of the patient.